The Portrait Doll Series explores the sculptural medium of the doll. JD Beltran first constructed a doll “self-portrait,” featured in the first photo shown, "Playing with Myself." In addition to beginning with a doll head with a face similar to her own, the face was additionally painted in the manner of an oil painting to resemble her own face even more closely. Beltran also constructed a series of other dolls that are painted to resemble subjects in specific oil portraits by the old masters, for example Thomas Gainsborough's "Blue Boy," or Diego Velazquez's "Infanta Margarita." The dolls and costumes are meticulously handmade and hand sewn, and dressed in the manner of these specific old masters' paintings, but portray contemporary subjects.






JD Beltran - Portrait Doll 1


JD Beltran - Portrait Doll 2