In November 2019, ECO Fashion Week SF, in partnership with Shopify, presented a lively panel on The Fashion Industry's Environmental Impact on Climate Change. Climate change will affect how manufacturers operate in the future. With climate change taking a toll on the environment, more brands and individuals will be faced with severe environmental issues.


How will this change the way we manufacture apparel? Can we make clothes more sustainably? How will floods, fires, and other natural disasters affect consumers and manufacturers? While our passion for fashion is at least part of the problem, experts say the industry itself needs to be smarter with production to lessen environmental damage.


JD Beltran moderated a panel of experts which included Scott R. Miller,Director Of Business Development at Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Kirstin Miller, Executive Director at Ecocity Builders, Emily M. Olson, CEO & Founder, ReGenFriends, and Tierra Del Forte, Co-Founder of Mightly.








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