Creative technology incubator Stochastic Labs partnered with the Long Now Foundation, the San Francisco Art Institute, and other thinkers and makers for Reclaiming The Future: A Long Conversation at Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture. The group of thought leaders and artists convened to consider questions about the future of technology, science, entrepreneurship, and the arts in a radical new conversation format that included artistic demonstrations, an exhibit, and inspiring speakers.


Featured speakers included: Nobel laureate and astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter; Linda Avey, founder of 23andMe (genetic testing and ancestry services); psychologist and best-selling author Alison Gopnik; Flickr founder and Yes VC partner Caterina Fake; Fast AI founder Rachel Thomas; designer and computer scientist Katia Vega; Vero Bollow, filmmaker and Stochastic Labs founder and director; JD Beltran, artist and former President of the San Francisco Arts Commission; Center For Humane Technology co-founder Aza Raskin; machine artist Kal Spelletich; and robotics specialist and artist Alexander Reben.