SF DesignWeek and the Chandran Gallery collaborated in September 2019 to present 14 design projects for the exhibition, "Co-creating Hong Kong," which illustrated how Hong Kong's emerging and leading creative talent applies design thinking to bring new perspectives on technology, sustainability, and community. "Co-creating" refers to the co-creative efforts in the design process, as well as to the artists' and designers' collaborative synergies in carving out Hong Kong's unique position in the Greater Bay area. The exhibition also illuminated Hong Kong's rich creative collaborations with a dynamic range of cities and countries.


As stated by the curator, "Design is a co-creative methodology to create experiences and mechanisms for forging new dialogues across disciplines, between craft and technology, history and the future, and local and global."


In conjunction with the exhibition, JD Beltran moderated a panel on Technology as an Engine in Evolving Culture and Creativity in Sustainable Design and Art. The panel explored the role of technology, collaboration, culture, and the goals of sustainability in the creative process of the exhibiting artists and designers.