The Material Language Series is an innovative, groundbreaking suite of works that examines the language and meaning of the material of painting, photography, film, and video in relationship to each other. Each work begins with a single image, then combines the mediums of painting, photography, Super-8 film, and high-definition video to portray that single image in four different media, but within one composition. For each image, one section is oil painted on wood panel (created meticulously in the same process and manner as old master's paintings), the next is a Cibachrome large-format photographic print mounted on Plexiglas, the next is Super-8 film of the moving image transferred to HD video, and the last is HD video. All of these media are juxtaposed within the same, seamless composition to constitute that one image, for example, a portrait of a person in their studio, or a specific city landscape.


The Material Language Series was first exhibited at the Meridian Gallery in January 2010 and throughout the subsequent decade, the series of works has been expanded and exhibited at venues throughout the country. Shown at the right is Untitled (Material Language Series, Beach), 2017, which is in the collection of Deborah and Andy Rappaport.











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