Antimaster and Evolution are film and sound collaborations by JD Beltran with composer/musician Dave Aju commissioned by the M.H. De Young Museum and Volume Projects for the exhibition "rE/Visioning the Collection." The movements were screened at the M.H. De Young Museum in San Francisco accompanied by a live score performed by Dave Aju. The work was inspired by the work Anti-Mass by artist Cornelia Parker.


Evolution, a subsequent series of film and sound movements inspired by the Antimaster Series, was commissioned for the Getty Institute's watershed Pacific Standard Time Exhibition and Initiative, for which it was exhibited at SCIARC Los Angeles and Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco.


In 2018, new versions of Evolution II and Evolution III were commissioned as major projection installations for the 2018 IfSoWhat?! Exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco. Evolution II was recreated to be a large, interactive film that would respond to viewers walking up to it, which would abstract the visual elements of the film. Evolution III (the film shown at the right) was transformed into a 40-foot wide mural and projected 30 feet high at one end of the Palace of Fine Arts building interior. The first, second, and fourth movements also are available for viewing on











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