The Crystal Ball Series uses this iconic, meditative form with a 21st Century twist. One edition includes imagined landscapes of the future, and another features a detailed journey over the pearly landscapes of the moon (using actual footage from NASA). Gazing into them, the crystal balls evoke amazing, immersive self-contained worlds. Shown at the right is the embedded film from Moon+Earth (Crystal Ball Series).








The Kaleidoscope Series features short films of journeys and landscapes arranged into a grid of multiplied synchronized moving images that create a moving "print" or pattern before your eyes. The short films include a journey under the towers of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and a study of patterns revealed in an airport tarmac, as well as a condensed cross-country road trip under the breathtaking skies of Montana and the iconic landscapes of Yellowstone Park and Devil's Tower. Shown at the right is Untitled (Kaleidoscope Series, Bridge), which is in the collection of Nion McEvoy.







The Porthole Series takes the form of ship's porthole to create an immersive visual journey into other worlds, underwater and beyond.


















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